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Padre Vicuna is a native leader and advocate for the rights of indigenous Colombians. He is a secondary character in Treadstone.


Vicuna enjoyed protections from the Colombian state for his people's native land, providing them with autonomy. Eventually a mining company discovered a large vein of rare earth metal on their land however, and began to pressure the natives for access. In response, Vicuna declared that he would be giving a speech in defense of his people, both to draw international assistance and to potentially inflame a revolt.


The Seoul Asylum[]

Obstructed by Vicuna's antagonism, the mining company attempted to bribe Vicuna but to no avail. The company then sought out Operation Treadstone to assist them in removing Vicuna, so Treadstone dispatched Vincent to assassinate Vicuna, unaware that Vincent was actually Doug McKenna.

The Cicada Covenant[]

Vicuna actually met Doug McKenna and shook his hand, but McKenna decided not to go through assassinating Vicuna for Treadstone. He then departed, missing his target window, so Treadstone agents Leo Biller and Anna Collier panicked and dispatched two mercenaries to murder Vicuna. The mercenaries gave Vicuna one last opportunity to take the mining company's bribe, and when he refused, they began to bludgeon him to death.

McKenna himself then intervened, fighting off the mercenaries but sustaining a severe stab wound in the process. He only managed to submit Vicuna's battered face to Treadstone as "proof" of eliminating him, before blacking out. When he awoke, he found Vicuna tending to his wounds. He told Vicuna of how he was dispatched to kill him, and that allowing Vicuna to live might jeopardize his wife's safety, but Vicuna was unconcerned, and intended to give his speech anyway.