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Vincent was a Cicada, an asset for Operation Treadstone. He was a minor antagonist in Treadstone.


Vincent was trained as a Cicada by Samantha McKenna. His cover identity was that of an art dealer with diverse contacts in order to account for international flights, given that he would be an active asset. His father was ostensibly in Wall Street and his mother was ostensibly in fashion, living in the Upper West Side of New York with a house in Montauk. Vincent himself was ostensibly married to a former model for six years before a divorce.

During his training he was taught fluency in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, and Farsi. He also tore his right ACL and always favored that leg ever since. His secondary skills included combat medicine, wilderness survival, disaster relief, lock-picking, tracking, Szechuanese etiquette, and a deep familiarity with the Qur'an.


The Hades Awakening[]

After Doug McKenna went rogue, Vincent was deployed by Leo Biller to eliminate Marcus Sachs and his wife in Doug's stead.

The Paradox Andropov[]

Vincent went to the Sachs residence in Arlington, Virginia, where he placed a bomb to wipe them out. He detonated it when Doug McKenna entered the residence.

The Mckenna Erasure[]

The blast mortally wounded Mrs. Sachs but only dazed Doug and Marcus, so Vincent tried to snipe them from outside the house. Unfortunately, Doug managed to get everyone to positions out of range from the outside, forcing Vincent to enter the house himself. Doug quickly ambushed Vincent and disarmed him, and although Vincent regained the upper hand just long enough to draw his handgun, Samantha herself arrived and pushed him aside.

After shrugging off Samantha with ease, Vincent prepared to kill her until she called him by his name, evoking memories from before he became a Cicada. This distracted him long enough for Doug to disarm him once again and continue the hand to hand combat. During the melee Marcus attempted to flee, but Vincent managed to shoot him before returning to the fight with Doug, diving into a hallway as Doug began to shoot at him.

Vincent rounded a corner to ambush Doug and they both ended up disarming each other, forcing Vincent to draw a knife. Doug disarmed that as well, allowing Vincent to overpower Doug until Doug kicked Vincent's legs out from under him, bringing both men to the floor. Now with the upper hand, Doug began to strangle Vincent and, when he nearly broke free of Doug's hold, stabbed him repeatedly in the neck until Vincent died.