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Waterloo Station
Ross and Bourne at Waterloo Station
Appearances The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy
Location London

Waterloo Station, (official name London Waterloo) is a major railway terminus in London, England and is by passenger numbers the busiest station in the UK.


The Bourne Ultimatum

When Noah Vosen orders the agents at the New York C.I.A. safehouse to intercept Simon's phone call. They are not able to as the phone Simon has at hand is not his, but rather a disposable phone dropped by Bourne into his pocket. Bourne tells Simon to follow his orders directly and carefully to avoid being caught. Several agents follow Simon on foot into the Waterloo station. A couple of agents manage to see Simon, but Bourne stops them from getting to Simon. Vosen's team identified Bourne on a security camera and recognized him as a Treadstone assassin, to which Vosen reacts by ordering Paz to terminate Bourne and Simon. Assuming Bourne must be Ross's source. Bourne advised Ross to remain hidden, but Ross panicked and revealed himself, giving Paz a clear killing shot, which penetrated his throat. In the ensuing chaos, Bourne stole Ross's notes from his jacket, leading Bourne to Ross's source.

The Bourne Legacy

Fragments from the assassination of reporter Simon Ross at the Waterloo Station are shown at the beginning of the film, mainly the scene where Paz manage to locate Ross and kills him with a shot on the latter's throat.