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Yuri Gretkov was a major antagonist in the 2004 film The Bourne Supremacy. He was a Russian oil magnate who was in league with CIA deputy director Ward Abbott in the theft of the agency's seed money.

He was portrayed by Karel Roden.



In the late 90s, Yuri Gretkov conspired with Ward Abbott to steal $20 million from an undisclosed CIA black fund, presumably keeping his half, while Gretkov used his share to establish an oligarchy by buying shares from major oil pipelines. Russian politician, Vladimir Neski, was an outspoken opponent of the oil privatization in post-soviet Russia. As Neski was in the way and had the potential to jeopardize Gretkov's business, Abbott ordered his subordinate Alexander Conklin to have Neski killed. Conklin chooses Jason Bourne to eliminate Neski. Afterwards Conklin selects Bourne into the newly CIA formed Operation Treadstone.

The Bourne Supremacy[]

Knowing that fellow CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy and her team were attempting to buy off the "Neski files", documents about the theft of $20 million seven years earlier, Gretkov hired Kirill, a corrupt Russian Secret Service assassin, to kill the two operatives who were retrieving files that proved Gretkov and Abbott stole the money. The Russian magnate later tried to have Kirill blame and kill Jason Bourne so that the trail would go cold. However, Bourne manages to survive and Gretkov was arrested by Landy following Kirill's death at the hands of Bourne. It is never clearly established how any connection between Abbot, Kirill and Gretkov was made.